1. Tell us your name and what state and country you are from.

Heather from Ohio in the US

2. What do you hope to accomplish during the Readathon?

I’m hoping to add a few countries to my list.  I’m also making a daily post about books I like in different areas of the world.  East Asia is up now.  I’d love to hear your suggestions for each area.

3. What book are you and/or your kids looking forward to reading most?

Ines of My Soul by Isabel Allende for Peru.  I’m weak in South America.

4. What’s your beverage and snack of choice during the Readathon?

I don’t usually eat anything while reading unless I’m eating during meals.

5. Hop around to the other participants from the Sign Up Page or Goals Page and let me know who you visited that’s new to you.

Most everyone is new to me and I realized that my signup on the Sign up page didn’t take.

6. If money was no object, what would be your dream travel destination?

Everywhere!  I love to travel and try to plan one foreign trip a year.  I’m going to the south of France in October.

7. What are your favorite reading spots?

In bed