To continue from yesterday’s post….

The deadbeat contractor didn’t come back. I didn’t call the husband until late because he is several time zones behind me and I didn’t want to make a scene while he was in a meeting. I started calmly explaining the situation to him but my tone got more and more strident the further I got into the story. He asked a few questions like, “Are you sure he didn’t just smell like smoke?” that should have made him glad that he was several time zones away from me.

He called the deadbeat but he wouldn’t answer. He won’t answer if he thinks he is in trouble. The husband left a message saying that it was disrespectful and not to come back. For some reason that struck me as odd. I’ve never heard the husband use the word disrespectful. He just doesn’t seem the type. But at least he won’t be back for a while – until the husband forgets about this at least.

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