I finished the dress/beach coverup/mumuu. Remember that it said it took an hour of sewing? Maybe that’s true. It also took many more hours of cutting and cussing and pinning. It also takes a toll on my self esteem. First I decided to follow the sizing chart and cut out the size that was two sizes bigger than the size of clothes I was wearing at the time. That’s the voice of experience there. Then when I got it all together and tried to take a picture it was horrible. I was standing there staring in a mirror and could see both my real reflection in the mirror and the image on the camera screen. The camera screen added at least 20 lbs! The fact that it is a shapeless dress was adding 20 lbs in addition so before I show the picture I must protest that I am totally not this shape!


I won a drawing on Faster than Kudzu for some stuff advertising The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I love that book. I’ve read the sequel too. I didn’t love that as much. I think that I loved the first book because it was so original. The sequel was good but didn’t have the wow factor for me. Anyway I won two temporary tattoos. I put one on the other night just before bed. It was dark and the SO didn’t notice it. The next morning it scared the crap out of him. “What the hell is that on your chest!?” “A dragon.” “Tell me that’s going to to wash off.” Poor guy. I guess I shouldn’t surprise him with dragons at 5:30 in the morning.


He’s blurry but it says Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on the side of the dragon. I guess that proves that I’m truly a geek. Even my fake tattoos are literary.