We had a weekend with no kid where we had totally nothing planned. It was fun.

We took the Porsche for a ride on curvy roads. I don’t have proper appreciation. In deference to my delicate sensibilities he kept the top speed down to 96 mph. I countered this need for speed by pointing out all the deer I saw. That made him slow down.

There was nuzzling going on. Riley felt a need to walk up to Freckles and rub against her face instead of smacking her nose which was his previous MO. This confused her too. At first she was using the tried and true excuse of “I think I hear Mom calling. Gotta go. See you later!” Eventually she stopped running from his displays of affection and put up with it, even when he lay down on her feet.

I tried a new circuit routine that intersperses weightlifting with 6-8 minute rounds of cardio. I tried to take Freckles with me but after the second time we headed out for three minutes then turned around and came right back she declared the whole thing stupid and refused to go with me anymore. I can’t believe I got dumped by my workout buddy.

Other than that we managed to do nothing else of significance. I ignored my plans to sew and just sat around and read books. It was nice.