Occasionally my farrier comes when I’m not home to trim the horses’ feet. She loves Spirit because he is grumpy and he reminds her of her old pony. She came yesterday when I was home. The following is an actual conversation….

Spirit walks out of his stall. The farrier bends down and grasps his leg. Instead of lifting it he actually puts more weight on it so there is no way she can pick it up. Without looking up, she says in a perfectly calm and matter of fact voice,

Farrier: Spirit, I don’t care if your mother is here or not, I will beat you. If I have to, I will send her back to the house and I will beat you. You aren’t going to be bad just because she is here today.
Spirit: Lifts his leg and places it gently in her waiting hand
Farrier: Thank you
Me: Uh, what goes on when I’m not here?
Farrier: Never you mind.