I think I’m afraid of snakes.

If you ask me that’s what I’ll always say is my top phobia.  The truth is that I’m actually not afraid of snakes.

I’m afraid of things unexpectedly coming across things that are shaped like snakes.

I’ve jumped from abandoned wires on a sidewalk, thin branches on the road, shoelaces, etc.  I almost never see any actual snake in the wild.

I actually like big snakes like boas and pythons.  My theory is that they don’t slither.  I do hate slithering.  The quick slithering of a garter snake does freak me out.  I’m able to doctor on snakes.  I think it is because I know that they are there.  They aren’t sneaking up and surprising me.  On smaller snakes like corn snakes I have a take a deep breath before I handle it but I can do it.

I went to the reptile show in my area this month.  This is sadly not a place where snakes do tricks or I’d have visited ages ago.  It is a place to buy reptiles and supplies from lots of dealers.  The place was packed.  You could barely move for all the people.  I really, really didn’t want to bump into any one because a majority of the people were  carrying little plastic takeout containers that held snakes and not left over Chinese food.  I kept envisioning someone tripping and snakes spilling all over.  If I didn’t start immediately thinking of something else I’d start getting shivers up my spine.

Like these guys!  Aren’t they adorable?


At first I couldn’t figure out what they were. I’d never seen the bottoms of frog from this angle.

Most of the place looked like this.

I actually went to meet some tortoise breeders. I really want a tortoise. I wasn’t excited about the selection here though.

There was a booth for a reptile rescue. A woman was there looking at a boa. The person from the rescue put the snake in the woman’s arms and it was love at first sight. You could see the lady just melt. She hugged the snake and it nestled down into her arms. The woman looked up at the worker with the happiest eyes. She whispered, “Could I have adoption papers?” I hope they have a very happy life together.