1. Try to get divorced. I filled out all that I can. Now I have to wait for the ex to do his part.

2. Finish up your taxes.

3. Clean some.

4. Start copying your friends’ work. The two women I sew with are doing Dear Jane Quilts. That involves making this intricate quilt that I think is god-awful ugly. I never understood why anyone would want to make it. But, I’ve never been a big fan of antique quilts.

You have to understand that my house resembles a sweat shop. Pre-separation I would move my sewing stuff upstairs on group sewing days and clean up afterwards. As soon as the ex left it all moved permanently upstairs. Gradually other people started leaving sewing machines here so they don’t have to carry them back and forth. Then patterns got left. I started flipping through the left behind Dear Jane book that shows all the patterns in the quilt. I would look at the line drawings and think, “That’s a cool pattern.” Then I would look at the photo of that block in the quilt and think, “Ugh!” I don’t like the way colors are placed and I don’t like the fact that they are all two color blocks only. I finally decided that some of the blocks looked fun to try but I was going to do it my way.

a) I’m only doing blocks that are easily paper pieced. I don’t applique! I feel no compulsion to make all 200-and-some blocks. I don’t have that kind of attention span.
b) I’m using a white background and super bright other colors.
c) I’m not restricting myself to two colors in blocks.

I’ve decided to call it Dear Jane on Acid! I’m not telling my friends that I’m doing it. They are taking a class that was supposed to get the blocks done in four years (just like college). They are behind and figure that they are on the six year plan at least. They don’t even like the look of the original quilt. One says that if she had seen what it looked like she’d have never signed up to make it. But now they are considering it their Mount Everest. They are doing it because it is there. They want to be buried with them! I work a lot faster than them especially since I’m doing the easier blocks only. They would not be amused to see me gaining on them.

5) Make hotel reservations for LA.

6) Make bad for you comfort food like monkey bread which you eat while watching THE TRUMAN SHOW.

7) Irritate the dog by leaving her in the garage while you venture out through the knee high snow to the barn. Since knee high anything is much taller than the dog, watch from a distance as she barks while running in circles trying to find a way through the wall of snow around her.

8) Open the door to let the dog out later and come face to face with a skunk. Leave the garage door up to let the skunk leave. Decide later while watching the skunk stare up at the snow drift at the garage door, that the skunk is welcome to live in the garage until things calm down. Anyway, he may have been living there before the storm since how would he have gotten into the garage through the drifts in the first place?