What is #BookBlogWriMo?

Basically, it’s a lax version of NaNoWriMo for book bloggers. I created prompts for each day, discussing different topics around books, blogging, and books + blogging.


I blog here. Usually there is a cat on my left arm. That is helpful. Feel free to read that sarcastically.

This picture just shows a cat in the way. (This is a promo picture featuring my cat posing with the website for my office.  I thought she was a lovely model.)  That’s not as annoying as a 16 lb cat laying across my left arm while having a paw on the shift key and getting crabby when I try to move him. Of course, he hasn’t done it since I’ve been trying to get the picture.

Update: See, it happens!

This happens.

A dog that is just a bit too big to fit on my lap invited herself up onto my lap because she needed attention. This is how I get distracted from blogging.

I don’t have a proper desk.  The house we lived in before this had a built in desk that we used for the computer.  When we had to move for the husband’s job it happened quickly.  Once we found a house and got moved to a new town, we decided just to put the computer stuff on a narrow folding table that I used to use in my sewing room until we figured something else out.  It is still there almost 3 years later.  It works just fine.  This horrified the husband’s teenage niece when she came to visit.  She insisted that we had to have a proper desk.  She seemed to feel that we were doing something shameful.  We told her to get a job and then price proper desks and come back to talk to us.  We are probably moving in the next year for his job again so we’ll take our temporary set up down and reassemble elsewhere.

I did buy a new rug today for under the table and chair since the backing on the other one disintegrated.  That’s progress, right?