Oh yeah, I just got my notification from Amazon! Harry Potter is available for pre-order to be delivered July 21! I’m all atwitter. I’m such a geek that I had the last one delivered to my hotel room because I was at a conference and couldn’t wait until I got home. I have to go check my schedule for July.

Oh My god! I just checked and I’m going to be in the woods judging a trail ride that weekend far away from the reach of UPS trucks. I have to go lie down now….

One Reply to “Wild about Harry!”

  1. LOL I preordered my copy yesterday as well, within 20 minutes of getting on the computer & seeing the Amazon notification. LOL Even DH told me to get it ordered, that I was crazy if I didn’t. I didn’t need to be told twice. 😉

    Hope you can find the patience to wait till you get back from your trail-ride, to get your hands on the book. 😉

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