It looks like I’m going to have to cross long-haul trucker off my list of career goals.  I’m way too much of a wimp.

Driving is hurting me.  I’m making four 2.5 hour drives a week.  That doesn’t seem like that much.  Between the first two I’m also sleeping on a blowup bed.  That can’t be helping.  My muscles are in full on rebellion. 

It started with my shoulders.  I was stiff.  I’m seeing my massage therapist twice a month now.  She recommended propping up my right elbow so it was supported while driving.  I’ve gotten obsessive about my posture while driving.  My nature is to be twisted in the car so I remind myself to square my hips and shoulders.  I drive a little car.  It is awesome on gas mileage but not so big on comfort.

Last week my massage therapist started muttering about my left rhomboid and then she did something deliciously painful.  I said that I thought my right was worse and she told me that neither one was going to be winning any prizes.  I had the SO try to recreate the massage technique.  He knew he had it right when I screamed. 

I knew that I should be doing more yoga to compensate.  I figured Downward Facing Dog could fix a lot especially when I started getting hip involvement too.  But knowing and doing are different.  Yesterday I found a wonderful video on YogaToday called Realign After Travel.  It was a short class which was good because I was SO stiff!  It helped the hip though. 

Unfortunately my time off yoga meant that even after this easy class I’m super sore today.  I have an appointment to see the chiropractor tomorrow too.  I can’t believe I’m such a delicate little flower.