It has been forever since I did a quilting post – mainly because it has been forever since I’ve done any quilting.

Remember how in the spring I decided I was going to make a sparkly hedgehog quilt to hang up during the winter?  Remember how I thought that was a good idea since it was so far away that it was no problem to get it done?

Yeah, I hardly remember it either.

I made 2 of 4 hedgehog blocks all year.  Then I made the other two the day after Thanksgiving.

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Yeah, procrastination is fun. Now they are sashed and getting a quick echo of the hedgehogs. The sashing is quilted with triangles to mimic the spikiness of the hedgehog spines. I’m quilting one hedgehog a day so then I can bind it on my next day off and have it hanging by this weekend.

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