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This would have helped today. I was useless today. I woke up when the SO left for work. I was going to get up. Next thing I knew it was 3 hours later.

I did drag myself out to the trails to run. I should know better than to try to run when hormonal. I’ve proven over and over that it doesn’t work for me. I ran for five minutes and had to stop. Sweat was pouring off me like I’d gone for miles. It felt like my legs were moving through molasses. I turned around and ran/walked back. I was out for 12 minutes not counting the warm up and cool down and I was beat. Pathetic. I need to just wait and regroup when the hormones go back to normal.

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  1. Well, you did more in your 12 minutes of exercise today than I do in a week!!! Heck, vacuuming takes a round out of me when I am not hormonal… Sad but true… very out of shape I am…

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