Ok, since you all are so very smart and were able to ID the hostas that were coming up in my flower beds, let’s try these new unidentified things.

These start like this:


And then open to this:


These trees are about 7 feet tall. They were deliberately planted since they have evidence of plastic pots around them.


They didn’t seem to flower before having leaves. Here’s a closeup.


I have a cluster of these next trees. They don’t seem to be deliberately planted. There are thick vines twining around them. The vines seem dead and I don’t see any new growth at the base of them.


This is in one of the full shade flower beds.


3 Replies to “WTF? Wednesday”

  1. Hi! The plants in the first 2 pictures are indeed peonies. They will flower sometime next month depending on where you live and the weather conditions. Can’t tell you what color they will be, though. I have white ones and their fragrance is wonderful. Ants will be all over the blooms so if you cut some to take inside, be sure to shake off the ants.

  2. The first ones are peonies, I think. I always think the shoots like fallopian tubes when they emerge. Gross. The second? Dunno. The vines on the bottom trees look like wild grape. If you cut the stem, you’ll get a really watery sap from them. And you’ll never ever get rid of them. And the last? Dunno that one either – it looks a little like something in the lavender family. Do the leaves have a scent if you crush one in your fingers?

  3. I think the first plant might be “Astilbe”. The “flowers” come out nearer to the end of the season.

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