The SO and I went to the fancy thrift store yesterday. I love that place. It is in a rough neighborhood next door to a very ritzy neighborhood so they get all kinds of good clothes. I got a new barn coat, a skirt, a sweatshirt, and several long sleeve t-shirts for $26!

Then we went and saw Couples Retreat. The SO hurt his back doing back lifts on a Roman Chair so he wanted to head to the acupressure massage place in the mall. That place scares me. I had only been there once. They are really rough on you. I’m delicate but he loves the fact that they beat up on you. They know him there and all try to avoid working on him because he is so muscular that it takes a lot of force to massage him. The lady grabbed me triumphantly and told me that I was easy and that she’d leave him for a man to work on. She then proceeded to beat the crap out of me! I don’t think I’ll be going back. The SO’s massage guy thinks he actually tore a back muscle. Great. He’s hobbling around and has a hard time getting up from sitting down. A tear will take a long time to heal. I feel sorry for him since he looks so pathetic!