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We went to St John today which is the next door island. The ferry runs from Red Hook every hour. All the guide books said it cost $6.10 but it was actually only $5.00. It took 20 minutes to get there.

We went to the town of Cruz Bay. Our goal was to do some jewelry shopping. Actually jewelry looking since we weren’t planning on buying. There are lots of shops here because the islands are duty free. I ended up getting a pair of larimar earrings for $20. It is a light blue stone that is from a volcano in the Caribbean. There are many high end jewelers. I’m too cheap for that and I like pieces that have a story – like local artisan pieces. The SO doesn’t understand that. He likes to buy investment pieces. I think I may be getting him to see my point of view by taking him into small stores today. He learned that the stuff I was looking at was more intersting than the high end stuff.

After that opinions of the day are at odds. I contend that I was not trying to kill him. He begs to differ. I wanted to go to a restaurant at a neighboring resort for the rice, beans, and plantains I saw in the guidebook. It was an easy walk to the resort. What I didn’t know is that the resort was on top of a mountain. I just saw the entrance an easy walk from our hotel. We climbed the mountain. They were out of plantains. The waitress said there was a trail between the resorts so we headed that way after a very good (yet plantainless) dinner. The path was dark. It ended at a boulder. I’m not sure where we should have gone. It was too dark to see. We climbed back up the pitch black path. I ended up chasing down a taxi to pick up the SO who swears he was dying from the exertion. Please, he got up this morning and did 3 miles on the treadmill. So we had a little adventure. Does that mean he had to whine so much about the itty bitty baby thorn in his finger? I don’t think so. That was the most fun I’ve had so far. It made it feel like a real active vacation instead of laying around the resort.

ZombieBaby has been getting around too. Here she is showing off an iguana by the pool.
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