2012 was a big year around here.

We got a new house in a new town and new jobs all the way around.

While I was off looking at happy tortoises and odd man out flamingos in Florida –


– magical elves were moving me to our new house. If you can get away with that I highly recommend that type of move.

Riley made himself at home at the new house.


At my new job Freckles finally achieved the status she feels she deserves by getting to hang out in the owner’s box at events.


On a whim I stopped by a CrossFit gym and was somehow brainwashed into thinking that getting up before dawn to work out was acceptable.

After one false start we managed to get ourselves married.

Wedding 001

There were some rough spots like the several times this year that the husband decided to spend quality time in the hospital. We finally got to go on vacation to recover from our busy year.

Florida Keys

I gave up my aversion to hand sewing and made Freckles pose with lots of hexagon flowers.


Quilts got made.

2012 Quilt mosaic


So what’s up for 2013?

I’m going to here in February.


We’re going here in June!


I’m going to run with zombies and maybe be a zombie in August!

Stay tuned for the rest!