When I last posted we were comfortably ensconced in our 2 bedroom apartment on Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Then the SO caused a plumbing problem in the bathroom that, long story short, required us to change apartments due to the degree of ickiness. Needless to say the kid was already asleep so it was a process.

This morning after an uneventful night we got our free breakfast (thank you Army housing) and headed to the train station. There is an Amtrak/MARC station nearby. For $10 they will taken you from the Chesapeake Bay and deposit you at Union Station in Washington DC 1.5 hours later. With Washington/Baltimore traffic causing the SO much stress, this is a great deal.

Z is at the stage of dressing where if a shirt and pants have the same colors then they go together. Her chosen outfit today has two decidedly different but loud floral prints. As her father said, “It looks like a garden vomited on her as she was passing through.” We are already planning on showing our vacation photos to her boyfriend on her 16th birthday. Does this make us bad people?

We visited the American Museum of Art on the mall today. That was nice and uncrowded. We ate at the cafe there. Pizza for the kid – yeah, no french fries! We got a 10% discount for the SO being a government person. He’s so handy sometimes!

After that we did the Natural History museum. Not so good. Huge crowds and surprisingly not very kid friendly. If you are a beginner reader you would be lost there.

The American History museum was next but the line to get in was huge. Kid and man were grumpy and hot. We went and sat by the Washington Monument in the shade of a tree which was a nice break. After that we walked past the White House to the Renwick Gallery. That’s my favorite museum. It is the craft one.

Hopped on the subway back to Union Station. We almost missed our train because the SO was getting a fancy shave.

Z was very good for her today. No screaming fits. No violence. Some whining was the worst but she stopped that when reprimanded.