Washington proof

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Look – proof I’m in DC!

Last night we had dinner in Havre de Grace MD. We ate at a restaurant called the Tidewater Grill. It was right on the Bay. The SO, Z, and I had lobster ravioli, french fries, and santa fe salad respectively. Then there was a great dessert called Italian Love Cake. It had chocolate cake, whipped cream, mousse, and cream cheese.

Today we hit the American History Museum. The ruby slippers and first ladies’ dresses were a hit with the kid. Everything else was not. She was most thrilled with the hot dog vendor. Traveling with a six year old is different. Her highlights so far are changing rooms during the night, riding the trains, and soaking her feet in the WWII memorial. Knock on a whole lot of wood but she still hasn’t had a fit.

We did the big memorials outside today. It is meltingly hot. Refill the water bottle at every fountain, splash water on your head hot. I’ve never seen it so crowded here either. I finally understand how people can get trampled. A subway platform was full and the escalator was still dumping people off when there was nowhere to go. Someone brilliant finally hit the emergency stop on the escalator! Disaster averted.

We are on the train back to Aberdeen now.
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