Apparently people are stupid enough to fall for this. The following is the text of a full page ad. Imagine all the i dotted with little hearts.

“mommyisms: insights from mom to mom

Now, the simple joy of a Happy Meal leads to a simple act of kindness.

The Happy Meal she loves now helps families be closer to the ones they love. And that makes every trip to McDonald’s even more special for me.

She’s happy and I’m happy to help. Sharing a great meal with my family and helping Ronald McDonald House Charities too? That’s a Happy Meal.”

And when my kid is 250 lbs at the age of 12 and has to start taking insulin, will I still be happy that I gave into whining for junk food?
They are only giving 1 cent per meal sold which sadly probably adds up to real money but still seems cheap.

—from a McDonald’s banning evil stepmother