The darndest thing happened today. A green version of this showed up in my backyard.

March 28, 2012

It just happens to be a compost tumbler just like I wanted. It also happens to be identical to one that went on sale online and had free overnight shipping. What a coincidence!

The SO has fought having a compost tumbler for years. Of course, he fought compost piles at first too until he discovered the joys of fresh dirt. Now he has started a compost pile at the new house. I’m sure he’ll learn to love this fancy device that speeds up composting since we have lots of beds to reclaim and we are in a shady yard that makes getting a pile up to composting heat difficult. When the first compost comes out of this handy gadget in a month instead of six months I’m sure he’ll forgive whoever dumped this ugly thing in his yard. At least now it is hidden from sight behind a shed instead of out in the open like it would have been at the other house.

It is a sad day when passing ruffians can just drop off handy gardening tools in the backyard against the will of the homeowner.