The husband let the deadbeat contractor back in the house. (To review – he was kicked out because he was smoking and surfing the internet here instead of working. On the day I caught him doing this he was supposed to put the mowing blades back on the lawn mower. He declined to do this.) He was let back in with the understanding that he would receive no payment until the upstairs bedroom was completely finished.

He showed up yesterday and seemed to be working. I came home last night and noticed something strange in the front yard. I asked the husband if he had been making crop circles. He said no. He thought I had been mowing. I mowed the back yard that morning but did not make circles in the middle front yard. He called the deadbeat contractor and inquired as to whether or not he had been mowing circles in the front yard.

His answer? He wanted to make sure the blades were working ok. The blades on the lawn mower that he tore apart and then refused to put back together. Normal people might think that if you are let back on a job after being yelled at thoroughly that you may want to concentrate on doing the job you are hired to do. Normal people might think that they should not be running someone else’s lawn mower without permission. Normal people might not mow a circle in the middle of a lawn. Deadbeat is not normal.

So the husband and I went upstairs. To the naked eye there was no work done. The naked eye did see cigarettes on the ladder and the room’s window left wide open.

The husband called him again this morning and yelled at him again. He promised to have the room done this weekend. Uh huh. The husband told him that he’d heard it all before. He told Deadbeat that if it wasn’t done not to come back. I’ve heard that before.

The husband believes in giving people a bazillion chances. I’m not very forgiving. He says that we’ve gotten more done than if we had had to save up the money to pay someone who acts professional. I don’t think it is worth it.

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  • Turtleheart

    GAH! I agree with you– that guy wouldn’t be allowed another chance, he has already blown it big time. Perhaps you should remind your husband of the saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” ???

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