I Don’t Believe That

The husband is trying to deal with some anti-vax people in his family.  The main one should know better because they have medical training.  However, they are hard-core Trumpers who apparently have lost all sense.  He sent them an article […]

Anti-Racist Christmas

Well here we are at the end of 20-bloody-21 and I’m still knee deep in stories about my idiot racist family. Long time readers may remember the story of the Anti-Racist Thanksgiving. To summarize, my aunt and uncle have a […]

The Agent of Chaos

I am an introvert. My husband is WAY more outgoing in public with strangers. I tend to sigh a lot and pretend I don’t know him. This weekend we went to a wireless phone store to look into switching our […]

I’m Done

We tried.  We really did.  Veterinarians are considered essential in this outbreak.  We stopped people from coming inside (and it was lovely!).  We washed our hands.  OMG, did we wash our hands.  I normally wash my hands at least 40-50 […]

RIP Freckles

We said goodbye to Freckles yesterday.  It was a hard but necessary decision. We adopted her on December 1, 2009 from English Springer Spaniel Rescue. She was 5 years old. She had been in a kill shelter in Toledo. From […]

Water Time

June was cold and wet.  (RIP my garden.) July turned sunny and we are trying to get some summertime fun in. Last week we headed to Pennsylvania for my uncle’s wedding reception and we added in some beach time. This […]


I’ve been reading and doing stuff.  Honestly.  What I haven’t been doing is writing.  Since I don’t seem to have enough info for a full post about anything in particular here is a list of random stuff that’s been going […]

My Mother and the Stove

In 1982 my mother bought a stove.  She also bought the extended warranty.  Under the terms of this warranty if the store was unable to repair the stove – ever – they would give her a new one.  They had […]

To Sum Up

Dealing with the repeated malware and spam attacks on the blog, sapped my will.  By the time it was all fixed I didn’t even want to look at the blog and I wasn’t even doing any of the fixing.  But […]

The Anti-Racist Thanksgiving

I come from a long line of racists on both sides of my family.  There’s no sugarcoating it.  Fortunately, now it appears mostly in the eldest living generation but they haven’t all died out yet. I tried to explain this […]

Dominos are Falling

I love the location of my house.  I love my yard.  I love the space in my house.  I hate, hate, hate the way the space is laid out in my house.  We’ve considered moving but can’t find a house […]


A few years ago the husband and I went to Nice.  We didn’t have any great desire to go to France specifically but it was a good place to be based to be able to also visit Monaco and take […]

The Wish List

Gift giving and receiving occasions stress the husband out.  I keep telling him what I like.  I think I’m simple and easy to buy for.  He does not. My guidelines: I like reading and animals and quilting and photography.  Buy […]

The Thanksgiving Safety Plan

The last month or so has been alarming interesting as far as the step-daughter’s mental state is concerned.  It is at the point where I’m not actually comfortable taking her to my family’s Thanksgiving dinner but that is what sort […]

We’re Not Bad People

I’ve been AWOL this week because the husband has been stressing me out. To recap: Sometime in June he pulled a pectoral muscle.  When it didn’t heal well he went to the doctor who did an xray.  All the lymph […]