I Don’t Believe That

The husband is trying to deal with some anti-vax people in his family.  The main one should know better because they have medical training.  However, they are hard-core Trumpers who apparently have lost all sense.  He sent them an article […]

Ableism R Us

I travelled last week with a person who is using a wheelchair. This wasn’t our first time doing this. I’m not sure if the treatment of her is worse this year or if I’m just noticing it more. She is […]

My New Manifesto

I love Trae Crowder.  I’ve been a fan ever since he started getting known for his Liberal Redneck videos.  He articulates the way I often feel.  Also, he knows the pain of being a Tennessee football fan as do I.   […]

Olympics Junkie

I’m an Olympics Junkie. I’m also living in my dream world right now. When I was a kid (back in the last milennia) you could only watch what they showed on TV. I’m generally not interested in the stuff they […]

A Tale of Two Vaccines

I was in a hurry to get my vaccines. Veterinarians and staff were federally allowed to get our vaccines with other health care workers because we are essential workers. However, Ohio wasn’t having any of that nonsense so we had […]

Breathing Again

Would you believe that I didn’t watch ANY election coverage this week? I tend to be a bit of a political junkie, especially on Twitter. I early voted and then watched and waited. I talked about what I did on […]

Protest Time

This weekend I went to a march in Akron in support of Black Lives Matter.           It was peaceful.  The organizers threatened to beat down anyone who wasn’t.  The mayor was there.  I think it was […]

I’m Done

We tried.  We really did.  Veterinarians are considered essential in this outbreak.  We stopped people from coming inside (and it was lovely!).  We washed our hands.  OMG, did we wash our hands.  I normally wash my hands at least 40-50 […]

Dispatches From Ohio

Greetings from the land of lockdown! I didn’t think I’d ever say this but I’m actually really impressed with our Republican state administration.  They came out early and hard on coronavirus and shut everything down.  So what does that look […]


I work with several people in their early to mid-twenties.  One thing that I’m just amazed by in them is their level of fear.  Do I just know a group of particularly scaredy-cats or is this common?  Let me give […]

Power to the Polls

On April 6, I attended a Woman’s March sponsored event called Power to the Polls.  It took place in Cleveland and focused on the importance of getting people out to vote.  This event was the first of a tour of […]