I love Trae Crowder.  I’ve been a fan ever since he started getting known for his Liberal Redneck videos.  He articulates the way I often feel.  Also, he knows the pain of being a Tennessee football fan as do I.  

I’ve read his book.  I listen to both his podcasts.  I’m very much hoping that Well Red Comedy’s new tour puts them somewhere around here for me to go see.  

But never in my life have I felt a rant more deeply in my soul than this one.

We’ve been pretty lucky at work.  My office is in an area well known for the general stupidity of the population.  However, except for some minor grumbling, people have gone along with our COVID precautions.  Recently though people are getting more outspoken.  Last week we had a guy get nasty when asked to put on a mask.  He started going on about how the virus isn’t real.  He was doing this while looming over my receptionist who can’t get vaccinated because she is pregnant.  Now, he didn’t know that but that’s the point.  You don’t know the status of the people you are spewing saliva at.  But I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care.  You know why?  His sister DIED OF COVID.  He freely admits that.  In his version though that is what the doctors claim.  He knows better.  She had diabetes so she died of that.  Sir, a person can both have diabetes and die of COVID.  Not mutually exclusive.

Anyhow, I want to get TVs and play this on a loop in my (closed) waiting room that people keep insisting on trying to sit in.  (The receptionists are threatening to put crime scene tape across the chairs.)