I’m an Olympics Junkie. I’m also living in my dream world right now.

When I was a kid (back in the last milennia) you could only watch what they showed on TV. I’m generally not interested in the stuff they show on TV. Gymnastics? Don’t really care. Swimming? I’ll watch if it is the only thing on. I like the sports that you can’t see any other time. I always had to get up at strange times in hopes they would show the more obscure sport highlights. I always wished that you could somehow pick what you wanted to see.

Welcome to the future! Now you can watch the entirely of every sport and if you miss it you can watch the replay. I LOVE IT!

Of course, I’ve been glued to the Dressage.

Let me go on my rant that I have to have every Olympics. The sport is NOT called “Equestrian”. The Olympics broadcasters made that up a while back. I HATE IT SO MUCH. “Equestrian” is an adjective. “Let’s go watch Equestrian” is non-grammatical nonsense. If you were watching Race Walking, you wouldn’t say, “I’m watching Pedestrian.” Makes no bloody sense.

Anyway, I’m Team Great Britain all the way. Yes, I’m American. I’d like to see the U.S. team do well but I’ve been following a few members of Team GB on social media since the last Olympics. Actually I’ve been following since I found out that the great Valegro, who won the Individual gold at the last two Olympics is called Blueberry at home. I was all in for anyone who calls a massive Grand Prix dressage horse Blueberry. He’s retired now but she’s now riding a horse she calls Pumpkin.

I get all teary when I watch dressage. I especially have to wipe away tears when they hug their horses when they are done.

I’m watching all the equestrian events (see – adjective). So far I’ve also watched some kayaking and surfing. I’m watching the men’s triathlon as I type this. What else do I want to see?

  • Weight lifting
  • Artistic swimming
  • Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Rugby
  • Track

I’ll watch other stuff if it happens to be on. I’ll be glued to my ipad for the next two weeks.

Do you watch? What events do you like?

3 Replies to “Olympics Junkie”

  1. I didn’t manage to watch much this year, but I’m glad to know that it’s working so well for people. I would have loved that when I was younger.

    Have you seen Dream Horse, yet? I’m reviewing it for my #BriFri post that’s going live tomorrow. It made me think of you!

  2. So nice to know that there are other Olympics junkies out there! But, I like the events you avoid: gymnastics, swimming, rowing, and I even watched the triathlon yesterday. I do love that we can access all the sports now… so much better than when we were kids!

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