Playing the Duke’s Fiancee

Playing the Duke's Fiancee

Genres: Love & Romance
Published on July 21, 2021
Pages: 576
Format: eBook Source: Book Tour

A pretend proposal for the unconventional heiress.
When American heiress Violet Wilkins crosses paths with William, Duke of Charteris, she has extremely low expectations for 'The Duke of Bore.' But when this seemingly stuffy aristocrat offers her escape from a dreadful arranged marriage, she leaps at the chance! To her surprise, the arresting Charles whisks Vi into an exhilarating make-believe romance. And as she gets to know the man behind the title, she can't help wanting more...

I’m enjoying pretend relationship romances lately. This one has the added twist of being set in a location that I haven’t seen before.

This is set in the Victorian Era when one of Victoria’s sons married a daughter of the Russian tsar. The characters are invited along with the royal court to the wedding in Russia. A lot of the story takes place on the journey and while in Russia.

I liked the character of Violet. She’s an American living in England with her sisters. They have already married. Violet’s whole world is wrapped up in photography. She wants to become a great photographer. She isn’t particularly interested in marriage. Unfortunately, her parents have other ideas.

This is a supportive relationship with each person advancing the interests of the other. There isn’t a lot of angst or miscommunication which can get frustrating to read. This is a story of two people gradually getting to know and respect each other and falling in love.