Ableism R Us

I travelled last week with a person who is using a wheelchair. This wasn’t our first time doing this. I’m not sure if the treatment of her is worse this year or if I’m just noticing it more. She is […]

I Know I’m a Nerd

I try to go to one big veterinary conference a year. That’s over and above the hours I need for my CE requirements but I love them. They help me get reinvigorated and excited about my job again. My boss […]

I’m Done

We tried.  We really did.  Veterinarians are considered essential in this outbreak.  We stopped people from coming inside (and it was lovely!).  We washed our hands.  OMG, did we wash our hands.  I normally wash my hands at least 40-50 […]

Being Mortal

I find the discussion of end of life matters fascinating.  I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been asked if I’m not scared about what will happen when I’m old since I’ve chosen not to have children.  That never […]

A Tale of Two Conventions

My coworkers are used to me going to conventions. They just aren’t used to me going to conventions that aren’t veterinary-related. They were very confused that I was going to a book convention. I don’t think that they believed that […]

Veterinary Choose Your Adventure

Remember those books where you read a page and then you chose what happened next?  I loved those.  Let’s try it. A lady takes her dog to the vet for an unusual swelling.  In the course of the exam she […]

No More Self Improvement

I am a sarcastic person.  I know this.  I don’t mind this but occasionally I get to thinking that I should give more compliments out to people I work with because they do a good job under hard circumstances. Last […]

Guide to Naming Pets

A public service announcement on the naming of pets: 1. I think it is creepy to name pets after real people and then refer to them by the full first and last name. Example – “So how long has Ernest […]

Work Woes

You know what makes me truly crazy?  People who just redial any missed call they have instead of listening to messages. I don’t like listening to voice mail either.  But I don’t understand the call back mindset.  What if it […]

The Future is Coming

I watch a lot of science fiction movies. When a drug rep urged me to sign up for his company’s VIP program at a conference I’m attending, I looked at the website to be polite. This is exactly like something […]

Work Weirdness

There are a few things that happen every day at work and they never cease to amaze me. 1.  I am not afraid of your dog…. When I go in room with a dog I always offer my hand for […]