Happy Gotcha Day!

One year ago today we went to meet an unneutered male 3 year old Pomeranian who was being surrendered to a shelter for biting a child. He was so adorable but when he was allowed to run around in the […]

Dog Logic

Several times a week the husband looks at me and sighs, “You wanted a smart dog.” I don’t know that I wanted one but that’s what you get with Pomeranians. It was easy to forget exactly what that meant when […]

Training Tuesday

Nemo came to us not knowing very much. I’m not a fan of little dogs who run about with no manners. It is easy to let them get away with things because if they are being bad, you just pick […]

Finding Nemo

We’ve been dogless since we put Freckles down at the end of March 2020. We had a lot of talks about if we were going to get another dog and then what type. We thought about adopting from the national […]

DogGone Trouble

The husband and I pretty much got ourselves banned from the rescue where we got Freckles.  Yeah.  It got ugly.  It was so overwhelmingly stupid that I finally had to stop playing nice and say something. Ok, when people want […]

RIP Freckles

We said goodbye to Freckles yesterday.  It was a hard but necessary decision. We adopted her on December 1, 2009 from English Springer Spaniel Rescue. She was 5 years old. She had been in a kill shelter in Toledo. From […]

To Sum Up

Dealing with the repeated malware and spam attacks on the blog, sapped my will.  By the time it was all fixed I didn’t even want to look at the blog and I wasn’t even doing any of the fixing.  But […]

RIP Powder

The absolute Queen of our house died on October 7. I haven’t written about it because it is hard to sum up Powder. I got her and her brother because they had been abandoned in a trailer park along with […]

A Tale of Two Kitties

The husband said a mouse was in the garage.  He wanted to make a live trap. I was horrified.  “We have cats!” Him – “My way leaves the mouse alive. Aren’t you a vegetarian?” “The cats aren’t.” We looked at […]

The Saga of the Stairs

One of the things I recommend to make older pets’ lives easier are stairs to get onto beds or couches whenever jumping is getting difficult.  In January 2017 I took my own advice and ordered a set of stairs to […]

Happy Paul-iversary

  Yesterday was our one year anniversary of adopting Paul.  He was such a worried little kitty.   He had been born at the shelter and adopted as a kitten.  He was returned to the shelter after 11 months for […]

Let’s Look at Puppies

I’m sick. I have a cold. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? This is a monster cold though. I don’t get sick. If I get a bit of a tickle in the throat I drink cups of ginger tea with […]

The Journeys of a Fitbit

My cat Paul is a thief. He likes to steal earplugs.  He takes them off the nightstand and throws them on the ground.  Then eventually Freckles eats them if I don’t find them first.  We’ve taken to having to hide […]

What’s Going on Around Here?

Powder went to the cardiologist and no one was injured Powder had to go get an echocardiogram because of her worsening heart murmur and bad bloodwork.  Since she was horrible to try to get the blood from, I was worried […]

Animal Updates

Paul Update (Yes, I am aware this is the same picture I keep posting of Paul but he is elusive, like a trying to photograph a snow leopard….) We adopted Paul close to 3 weeks ago now. The first week […]