I just wanted to make Nemo a fancy bandana.  

I wanted to make a bandana that is a bit smaller than you usually see so he didn’t drag it in his water dish.  I wanted to make it washable and reversible because what is the point of having sewing skills and a room full of fabric if you don’t use it to dress up your dog?

I took off his collar and measured it.  I made the bandana.  I put it over his collar and tried to put it back on him.  No go.  His hair had floofed when the collar was off.  I could not rehook his collar no matter how I tried.  I had to go get a longer collar.

The husband was not at home.  I didn’t want him to come home, try to take the dog out, and get confused because the collar was missing.  I’m a considerate wife like that.  

My text:

Nemo collarless.  Went to store to get a new one.

Immediately I got a panicked texts back:


Nemo dead?

I had no idea what he was going on about.  I rechecked what I sent.  It had autocorrected to:

Nemo collapsed. Went to store to get a new one.

I sent quick texts back to assure him that his dog was alive.  I couldn’t stop laughing but he was not amused.  Honestly, I wouldn’t tell him the dog was dead over a text.  I certainly wouldn’t be heading to a store for a new one.  



There is almost too much floof to even see the bandana and he was twisting to see what I was up to but it is there.

If you would like to make your own bandanas and possibly end up divorced due to miscommunication, I used this tutorial.

I made a few changes. I didn’t want mine to go the entire width of his collar. I was also using two spare 10 inch squares I had and had to make it fit on them. This bandana ended up 10 inches wide and 5 inches down to the tip. Just the right size to be visible but not overwhelming and not to get into the food bowl.