Finding Nemo

We’ve been dogless since we put Freckles down at the end of March 2020. We had a lot of talks about if we were going to get another dog and then what type. We thought about adopting from the national […]

I Solemnly Swear She Is Up To No Good

Time:  3 AM this morning Freckles wakes me up.  She is panicky.  She needs-to-go-outside-RIGHT-NOW!  I open the door for her, she goes and does whatever, and then comes back. I’m just drifting back to sleep when I hear her whimpering.  […]

Veterinary Choose Your Adventure

Remember those books where you read a page and then you chose what happened next?  I loved those.  Let’s try it. A lady takes her dog to the vet for an unusual swelling.  In the course of the exam she […]

A Mouse in the House

When we went to bed last night the husband asked me if Riley had come back in.  I didn’t know that he had gone out.  I was surprised because it was raining.  I might have whined a bit about “my […]

Cabin Fever

We have a wee bit of snow. It is causing much cabin fever among the inmates here. Look at all the sad that has fallen down and almost crushed Freckles in the back of this picture. There is so much […]

Crime and Punishment

I was punished. My crime was pet sitting.  Dog sitting specifically.  If you are keeping track – and Powder is – we have two instances of allowing unauthorized canines in the house for extended periods this year.  That is coming […]


I get beat up at night. I normally sleep on my left side.  Freckles is behind my lower legs and Powder is in front of my chest.  I am suggestible at night.  They manage to push me around so that […]


Under The Bed Dog is here.  She’s Z’s dog and she’s special in her brain too.  She inspires a lot of thoughts like, “Bless your little heart.  You’re as dumb as a brick, aren’t you?” She is incredibly timid at […]

A Bit Freaked

So, I was watching an episode of Supernatural in the bathtub.  (I set my iPad on the toilet and watch on Netflix if you must know.)  It was the episode where a bunch of family dogs in a town are […]

What vaccines to give? – Part 1

If I don’t recommend vaccinating for everything possible in dogs, what do I think you should vaccinate for?  Here’s a look at the common vaccines. Distemper combination This goes by lots of names – DAPP, DHLPP, 5-way, etc. D = […]


More thoughts after reading Pukka’s Promise.  The author recommends limited vaccinations.  Vaccines are something that I spend a lot of time thinking about.  First, some background. For the first 14 years I was in practice I was mainly a relief […]

The Couch Chronicles

Ever since I met the husband six years ago we have been looking for a couch.  He wanted a sectional like his neighbor had.  Of course that couch came from a store that didn’t exist any more. So for the […]

A Hurricane Story

With all this talk about Hurricane Sandy let’s not ignore the littlest victims. Tuesday morning I knew we were going to have a problem.  I came home from the gym and was face to face with happy wiggly doggy. Freckles […]

English Spoken Here

Yesterday I had the day off even though it wasn’t my normal day off. I got up and wandered with Freckles out to the kitchen. I was mentally running through a list of what I had to do to try […]

A Girl and her Dog

Z is not an animal person.  She claims to love them in the abstract but we’ve only recently stopped her from screaming whenever a pet touched her. Since she’s been staying with us this month she’s seemed to bond a […]