We’ve been dogless since we put Freckles down at the end of March 2020. We had a lot of talks about if we were going to get another dog and then what type. We thought about adopting from the national rescue we got Freckles through but we ended up getting banned by them for questioning their intelligence. Basically, I get some preventive care products as free samples. I don’t buy them. Therefore, I don’t have records of buying them to show the rescue. Therefore, they concluded that a dog who would be living with a veterinarian who previously adopted a dog through them who lived way beyond her assigned life expectancy would not receive proper medical care. We told them that was stupid. They told us that they couldn’t make exceptions.

Prior to Freckles, I had a Pomeranian. Poms are my canine soul mates. They have cat software running on dog hardware. We started looking for Poms. I put an alert on Petfinder to let me know when any were posted. I had a bad attitude towards rescues at this point and this didn’t help. So many had outrageous requirements. There were groups who required you to have a dog of the same age and size in the house already. I get that if you have a dog that needs that company but it is ridiculous as a blanket requirement.

Long story short on Sunday we adopted Nemo. He’s a 2 year old Pomeranian. We’re his third house. His original owner was neglectful so her cousin took him. The cousin had him for a year but he nipped her toddler so she decided to get rid of him. I figure if he only bit an annoying child who was probably pulling his hair and ears and tail once in a whole year, he was a good boy. I’d have bitten her more often.

We had a meet and greet on Sunday. The rescue lady picked him up from the owner that day. They decided that if I would just take him and get his vet work done myself we could just have him. Take that, stupid national rescue! Being a vet can be a good thing!

Nemo is blurry because he IS SPEED!!

He’s fit right in. He went to work on Monday and Tuesday. Monday we got his rabies vaccine and some bloodwork. He was very brave. He got neutered and his teeth cleaned on Tuesday. Wednesday he stayed home with Daddy for bonding time.

The cats are unamused. Actually Paul is delighting in tormenting him. I let him have a few days of feeling superior but I’m ready for him to chill out now. Lucy has disappeared into her alternate universe. I’ve seen her in the early mornings when Nemo is still in his crate. I need to get ahold of her and have some group therapy in the bathroom where they can work out their feelings. The dog isn’t aggressive at all to the cats. He is also smaller than the cats. The cats just need to get over being pissy.

Sewing room buddy

He’s smart. I forgot what that was like. Freckles, bless her heart, was the sweetest dog and was very pretty but she wasn’t the brightest bulb. The husband gets mad when I say that. He wants it known that she was a solid C student. I also have to get used to thinking little again. I find myself thinking, “Where did he go?” and spinning around only to find him right beside me but I couldn’t see him because my shoulder blocked his whole body from view.

He seems up for adventures so we’ll be working on some training (he has none) and then maybe he’ll be my kayaking buddy this summer.

I have to go now. Paul is attempting to open the door to this room in order to entice the dog into barking at him so Paul can act all injured and put upon. I’ll be glad when they all get their acts together again.