Are you a Potter Head? Do you….

Sometimes find yourself whispering a spell under your breath at a family member, co-worker, or friend?

I so wish that Accio really worked.

Get excited every time you see one of the movies playing on TV?

I got really excited when the husband wanted to see them.

Have now or ever in your past used a Harry Potter type of ring tone (this also counts if your phone case has now or ever been Harry Potter)?

Current ring tone!

Own(ed) any sort of Potter paraphernalia – IE. Article of clothing, movies, costumes, a wand, board game, posters, bookmarks, signs… ok – you know what I mean ;).

I feel very strongly about my Hedwig mug.

Ever went to Universal Studies in Orlando mainly because of Harry Potter World?


Recited movie lines or profound Dumbledore quotes with a sense of superiority?

No, but I might need to start.

Well… if you said yes to any of the above. YOU are a Potter Head. And this post is for you.

Sheila over at Book Journey is running a Harry Potter reread starting Nov.1. Besides reading the books you can earn points for your house for commenting on blogs and other activities.

I’m trying to read Harry Potter in French anyway so this is a good excuse to keep working on that.


I’m going to be in Ravenclaw for the challenge so come and join us!

17 Replies to “Looking for Potter-heads”

  1. You’re re-reading in French? Do you speak it already or is it a way to help you become fluent? I’ve been thinking about buying the Spanish editions for practice. And yay for Ravenclaw! It’s my second favorite house (after Slytherin of course, lol).

  2. How exciting to read the series in another language. I look forward to seeing how your readalong progresses. This is my first ever read of Harry Potter. I can’t believe I’m finally doing this thing.

  3. Oh Bon sang de bon soir! :p I used to read french but I can barely understand it cause it’s been way too long since I spoke french. I went to grade 1-4 in french school so that’s how I know french. Happy Halloween ! and happy reading and bonne lecture à vous!

    Here’s my Harry Potter ReRead post

  4. How fun that you read in French. Do you know if the translator changed the names in the French edition? In the Norwegian edition they have done that, not sure if I like it. Happy reading and good luck with the French.

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