Well, I’ve been terribly boring lately. Not a thing blog-worthy has happened.

Work – I ordered a magnetic sign for my car to advertise my housecall practice. I finally got my pharmacy account set up. Now I just have a few more hoops to jump through before I can start trying to get appointments.

Horses – I’ll find out next week if Prize is pregnant. I’d like to get her back to work but right now a large hay wagon is parked in my arena making riding a bit difficult. That should be gone soon so I can ride but then I figure she’ll end up not being pregnant and she’ll go back to the breeder.

Adoption – We signed up for a marathon parenting class session in August. Twenty-four hours of training in two and a half days. Our brains will be mush.

This Friday we are taking a sewing group field trip to the National Quilting Association show. Many pictures will be taken. Much drooling will be done. Credit cards will get hot from the amount of swiping they have to endure.