One of my goals in life is to travel a lot. That’s one of the reasons that I want to homeschool. I want to be able to take kid(s) on a trip on the off seasons. Recently the desire has gotten stronger and I blame Rick Steves. He does a radio show and a PBS tv travel show. I’m not crazy about the tv show but he comes onto my local NPR call in show during the pledge drives and I like listening to him. I’ve been listening to the podcast of his show, available on his site or on iTunes, and it makes me want to travel. He does my style of travel. Basically, go somewhere nice, stay there cheaply, and see what happens. No 15 European countries in 3 days tours.

So we decided to make a commitment to take a trip once a year. This is different from saying that we want to travel and wouldn’t it be nice if it happened sometime. This is saying that next spring we are going somewhere and we will start putting money aside towards airfare. Right now we are deciding between India and Amsterdam. We have Indian friends who have offered us a place to stay at their family’s compound. I’ve seen Dutch houseboats for rent on vacation rental sites. I think biking in Holland when the tulips are out would be great.

I was checking out and found all kinds of great places to stay in Iceland and Wales etc. I don’t know if their people would like to come here but it might be worth a try.