Today’s Wyrd and Wonder prompt is A book within a book.  

A Discovery of Witches is all about the book. Ashmole 782 to be precise. This is an enchanted manuscript that historian Diana Bishop calls up from the Bodelian Library. She doesn’t realize how special it is and sends it back to the stacks where it disappears again. Now vampires, witches, and daemons are trying to get it back.


There is a library of unwritten books in Hell. It is the librarian’s job to keep the stories and characters under control. When a Hero escapes and tries to go find his author, the librarian must hunt him down.

There isn’t a specific book in this series but books play a huge role. Every human settlement – big or small – has a bookstore and/or library as one of the first businesses that is established no matter what dire emergency the town is facing. Don’t know if your town is going to be able to get food shipped in during the next few months? Make sure there are several boxes of books on that last train in. These people have priorities.

The books in this one are journals that tell the story of Cecille Cabot, a circus performer in mystical circus in the 1920s.

the Eyre affair jasper fforde

Tuesday Next lives in an alternate England where Shakespeare is taken VERY seriously and Literary Crimes is a police department. She finds that she can travel into books. She needs to investigate crimes inside stories now.