I realized when I started thinking about this topic that I don’t generally read the type of fantasy stories that feature traditional weapons.  I’m much more likely to read a book that shows a person making do with what they have at hand.  So here is my list of whimsical fantasy weapons.

The Wee Free Men Terry Pratchett

When Tiffany Aching heads off to take her little brother back from the fae who kidnapped him she only takes her heaviest frying pan. Fae are sensitive to iron she remembered and even if they weren’t, getting hit with a cast iron frying pan would hurt anyone.

Cursed Luck by Kelley Armstrong

Kennedy Bennett can uncurse objects. In order to do that she has to put the curse somewhere. She focuses them into a Magic 8 Ball – turning the toy into a virtual curse bomb.

What else do you need but a carnivorous sourdough starter named Bob?

I don’t know that I would actually mind dying after eating a magically poisoned cupcake. Sounds like a sweet way to go.