I broke the garage door yesterday. Actually, it has been broke but I am unable to fix it now. Even beating it soundly with a crutch has not made it open.

So, since last night in order to go outside instead of going to the garage and walking straight out through the garage door we have to go into the garage and turn right and go out the side door.

The cat is fine with this. We went through the new way once and she was on her way. She was able to run back from the barn and right around to the side door to come in.

The dog on the other hand is puzzled. Every time she goes out she goes to stand in the garage and wait for me to open the garage door. Every time I show her the open side door. She stares at me and back to the garage door. I go out the side door and call her. She gets excited to be shown a way out and runs through the door. When it is time to come in we must reverse the steps exactly or she will stand on the other side of the garage door and bark at it. Every time.

I believe I have now ended the “who is smarter – cats or dogs?” debate forever.