There was a big moral/ethical discussion today.

On Tuesday the staff came to the clinic and found a very old, very sick St. Bernard tied to a stake in the yard. (Neither the stake or the dog had ever been seen before.) She had a bucket of food and a bucket of water left with her. As of now we aren’t sure if she is saveable but we are trying.

Opinion at the office is divided between two camps.

1. This dog has been neglected for a long time. However, someone at least brought her somewhere where they figured she would be taken care of instead of just letting her die where she was. Let’s do what we can for her and not try to track down her people.

2. Her people are evil and need to be punished. We should contact the newspaper and ask if anyone knows anything about a sick dog that suddenly isn’t around their neighborhood anymore. Maybe someone would recognize her from a picture. Then the people responsible can be charged with cruelty.

I’m an argument number 1 person. I look at it from a “people are stupid” point of view. I see things at times that I could probably turn in for cruelty. But I don’t turn people in because in order for me to see the animal it had to be brought in for treatment. I give people lectures at times but I don’t want them to be afraid to get medical help because they are afraid of being turned in. I think that people who seek medical treatment aren’t the people who need to charged with cruelty. The truly cruel don’t take their animals to the vet.

Some of the staff are solidly behind argument number 2. They want to see people fry for the condition of the dog.

What do you think?