I have a list of topics that someday I am going to write discussion posts about.  One of them is Why I Don’t Ship. It is going to be about not getting all crazy about romances that you want to happen and…well, you need to wait for the post.  The point is, today I realized that I do have one ship and I need to vent.

On Wednesdays, I read a super conservative Christian link up for fun and aggravation.  I’ve been doing this for years.  I completely disagree with most everything they say. Many members believe that women should not be educated past high school. Once they finish school they should live at home until a husband appears for them.  From where, you ask?  God will provide.  It may be through parent- arranged marriages.  It won’t be through dating.  Heavens, no.

There was this teenage guy who used to write often.  He wrote about proper relationships between men and women.  His posts made me wonder if he had ever had a conversation with a woman who was not in his immediate family.  You know the scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin where he describes what breasts feel like and the more he talks the more obvious it is that he has no idea what he is talking about?  That’s what this kid’s writings reminded me of every time.  He went to college and was predictably horrified by it all.

Readers, I had a dream.  I wanted him to meet a woman who was going to rock his world.  I imagined her as a tall, voluptuous red head.  She didn’t need to seduce him.  She could just be a classmate whose classroom discussions cracked open his mind. I just wanted her to open his eyes to the fact that women are humans.

He quit writing a while ago.  I hoped that was a good sign.  Now through another blog in the community I hear that he is getting married.  He is marrying someone who thinks like him.  He got everything approved through the parents before talking to her. Seriously, I almost wanted to cry.  I’m crushed.  I now understand the anguish when your (fictional) ship crashes and burns.

I knew it was a long shot but there was precedence.  I follow another blogger who I first read through that site as a teenager who believed in it all.  I followed her blog as she went to college and gradually moved away from these strict views.  (I worry that this is proof for some people that you shouldn’t let women go to college and get exposed to ideas.) She just got married to a man she picked out for her own self and I’m thrilled.  I comment on her blog and try not to come across as the creepy person who has been stalking her for years but I’m just so proud of her.

I’ll try to be nicer about shippers in the future.  I feel your pain.