A Dream Died

I have a list of topics that someday I am going to write discussion posts about.  One of them is Why I Don’t Ship. It is going to be about not getting all crazy about romances that you want to […]

Christian Logic

I was driving behind a car the other day that was covered in bumper stickers proclaiming the superiority of the King James Version of the Bible.  This seemed an odd thing to make bumper stickers about, let alone deciding to […]

The War on Halloween

One of my guilty pleasures is to lie in bed with my iPad and browse Raising Homemakers.  I like reading posts from people with totally different views than me.  I really like Wednesdays when they have a link party and […]

Say What?

I was minding my own business this morning when a woman said to me, “Guess what? I’m getting married soon!” This came as a bit of a shock to put it mildly. She has a stream of guys and the […]

Jesus vs. Medicine

“Contraception is a most potent destroyer of marital harmony,” said McCrystal, author of Who’s at the Centre of Your Marriage: The Pill or Jesus Christ. …………Stunned Silence……………. I couldn’t make this stuff up. I got it from here via ladiesagainstfeminism.com […]


I love Hobby Lobby. But the music that plays there drives me batty. They play instrumental versions of Christian music. If it was just background noise I could ignore it. But the problem is that I was raised as a […]


I have a soft spot for owls. I got to work with two of them in vet school and I love their quiet nature even when they are mad. I always wished that I’d see some around here but I […]

Tarot Review

Last January I did a tarot spread for the year. Since it was such a topsy-turvy year for me I went back and reviewed it. I don’t really remember specifics about the first of the year so let’s start when […]

Public Prayer

I’ve been mulling over a situation that happened at an event I was judging this summer. The organizers are friends of mine. They are very outspoken Christians. References to their faith are all through their conversations. As a partially closeted […]


Happy Lughnasa! I’m celebrating by having a feast of bread products. Yesterday I was staring at 4 bananas threatening to melt into my countertop so I decided to make banana bread. (It is a change from zucchini anyway!) I made […]


My garden overflows with zucchini. I like zucchini in sauces and stir-fries and I love a good zucchini bread as much as the next person but my creativity is running low. This morning I picked two monster zucchini that were […]

Pictures I never uploaded

solsticesunset Originally uploaded by spirit97 This was taken on the summer solstice. The pictures looked horrible in the camera so I never did anything with them. I transfered a bunch today from my camera to the computer and they look […]

The Hand of God

I went to a wedding last weekend and one phrase in the ceremony smacked me upside the head. I wrote it down on my checkbook to make sure I remembered it. That got me some weird looks since it is […]