Some things never change. I read this in an article entitled Atheists Up Charity Giving; Good Without God? You’d think they’d move past this tired argument.

“…the debate is not over the fact that atheists can’t be good, but rather that there is no objective basis for their being good. “No matter how much non-theists and anti-theists engage in grammatical gymnastics – without God there is no objective, absolute, ultimate foundation for what is good or why to pursue it,” he said in an email.

For Christians, McFarland said, the “basic premise is that since people are made in God’s image, all humans have inherent worth, value, and dignity. When you see humans as a mere product of evolution (as non-theists do), there is less incentive to invest in benevolent causes because human life is cheapened.”

Has anyone in the history of time ever come up with that conclusion except for Christian writers? Have you ever heard a scientific person say, “I was going to sit home and watch TV but then it occurred to me that my belief in evolution means that human life is cheapened so I’m going to go become a serial killer instead?”

Let’s go over this again slowly. Society has determined what is “good” and what is “bad”. Christians would say that they got the idea from God. Others would say that it was determined by what was best for the community. Either way it doesn’t matter. “Good” and “bad” are pretty much defined at this point. People either conform to society’s mores or they don’t.

The people who really scare me are the ones like this writer who are only being good because they think their god is watching them. If they ever found out that he wasn’t, would they go on a rampage?