We finally have another house! Actually, the SO has another house. I am still a mooching squatter. At the time he applied for the loan I didn’t have a job in the area we were moving to and I wasn’t sure how much damage the ex’s shenanigans had done to my credit (to tell the truth, I’m scared to look), so we figured I would do more harm than good. Besides, getting myself off the mortgage of the last house the ex and I had turned out wonderfully for me.

The delays thrown up by the mortgage company were astounding. I can’t even explain them since they were so nonsensical that I don’t even understand them. I do know that one involved spraying for bees. In December. In Ohio. In the snow. In an area that there was past bee damage but no sign of current bees.

This went on and on until last week when the SO got nasty. They were starting to ask for things that didn’t exist (our lease agreement for renting out our current house – what?) and things that they already had. Then he started emailing nasty words and calling and yelling. That worked and they agreed to close on the house yesterday.

I just found out that the move will be next week. I can’t help with it. On packing day I’ll be working at my new job. I’m there one day a week starting tomorrow. Next week will be my second day. The next day I’m leaving for FL for a conference. I scheduled and paid for this in October long before I knew there was going to be a move. I sort of wanted to see how moving with movers worked. I’ve always had to do it myself before.