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23 Jan, 2012

Getting Settled

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I got home from Florida at 9 PM Saturday night.  I’d been fielding phone calls for a week from the SO that ranged from pathetic whines about how much there was to unpack to nasty calls about how I abandoned him when he needed me.  That one got him hung up on until he remember how to act civil and remembered who it was exactly who scheduled the moving date for the only days when I could not help.  Hint – it wasn’t me.

From the amount of whining I thought he was getting everything put away and was tired of doing it all.  He had the movers to help unpack and he had my parents for one day to set up the electronics and the kitchen.  So I was pissed right off a touch nonplussed to come to a totally trashed house.

I woke up Sunday morning and told him that Drill Sargent Heather was here and this house would be ship shape that day.  It was mostly stupid stuff.  All the afghans and quilts were jumbled on the couch and they were sitting on top of it all instead of being folded up and hung on the quilt rack conveniently sitting two feet away.  I just put things away.  Not hard.  If certain people had quit bitching and did something for the week I was gone, it would have been over.  Total time until the kitchen,  living room, family room, and dining room had everything put away?  Two hours.  That’s it.  Then I almost did kill him dead.

We spent some time shopping for a washer and dryer and other odds and ends we needed. 

When it got dark I tried to turn on the lamps in the living room.  No lights.  Plugged in? Check.  Is this a switched outlet? I don’t think so.  Nope, there were no bulbs in the lamps.  Right then he walked in.

Me:  “Have you been sitting in the dark for a week?”
Him: “No…” like he wasn’t sure of the answer I wanted.
“Can you go get the bulbs for these?”
“They are downstairs.”
Then I stared at him.  “Can you get them?”
“You act like I’m stupid or something.”
Um, if the shoe fits.

Normally he is completely capable of taking care of himself like a grown-up human.  Apparently moving made him mentally curl up in a fetal position. 

I haven’t started unpacking the other rooms yet and I’m saving setting up the sewing room as a reward.  I’m back at the old house for a few days to work then I’ll work on another room.  It isn’t hard.

12 Jan, 2012

Phase One

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Operation Cat Move is complete.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  They settled down and didn’t scream the whole way. 

That was fine until I had to hit my brakes and Riley’s carrier slid.  Then he was upset and he pooped so he was stinky. 

When we got there Powder was all over the place exploring the house.  Riley looked around while crying pitifully.  I’d go see him and he’d want a hug.  Then he’d remember that I had ruined his life and he would stalk off.

Freckles was horrified when I carried the cats out of the house.  She knew something was up and running off with cats was proof.  I can’t imagine what she was like once the movers showed up and started stealing her stuff.

10 Jan, 2012


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I hate how much paperwork is involved in going on a trip.  I spent this morning printing out flight itineraries, car reservation confirmations, hotel confirmations, conference confirmations, the address and directions to overflow parking at the conference since I’m not staying at a host hotel, and my e-tickets for my extracurricular activities.  I have a whole folder of papers just to be able to leave and I still don’t know how to get to the airport since it is a new one for me.

I also had to do the paperwork for my vet school reunion and all my taxes before that all gets lost in the move.  Now I just have to make sure I don’t lose the folder.  It is going to have to go in my car for safe keeping. 

Also going into my car for safe keeping are all the unmentionables we have since now my parents are involved in the unpacking.  It isn’t just naughty stuff.  My mother was highly disapproving over a hippie pagan cookbook I was given as a gift so my books with Witchcraft in the title are heading for the car to be retrieved when I return. 

First I have to clean out the car so all the forbidden stuff will fit!

04 Jan, 2012


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We finally have another house! Actually, the SO has another house. I am still a mooching squatter. At the time he applied for the loan I didn’t have a job in the area we were moving to and I wasn’t sure how much damage the ex’s shenanigans had done to my credit (to tell the truth, I’m scared to look), so we figured I would do more harm than good. Besides, getting myself off the mortgage of the last house the ex and I had turned out wonderfully for me.

The delays thrown up by the mortgage company were astounding. I can’t even explain them since they were so nonsensical that I don’t even understand them. I do know that one involved spraying for bees. In December. In Ohio. In the snow. In an area that there was past bee damage but no sign of current bees.

This went on and on until last week when the SO got nasty. They were starting to ask for things that didn’t exist (our lease agreement for renting out our current house – what?) and things that they already had. Then he started emailing nasty words and calling and yelling. That worked and they agreed to close on the house yesterday.

I just found out that the move will be next week. I can’t help with it. On packing day I’ll be working at my new job. I’m there one day a week starting tomorrow. Next week will be my second day. The next day I’m leaving for FL for a conference. I scheduled and paid for this in October long before I knew there was going to be a move. I sort of wanted to see how moving with movers worked. I’ve always had to do it myself before.

22 Dec, 2011


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Happy Solstice!  I’m so glad the days are starting to get longer again. 

I’ve had a good news bad news kind of day.

The good news is that I finally found a home for Prize.  I’ve been wanting to find her a home where someone would be able to ride her.  I have no desire at this point in my life to ride.  I especially have no desire to ride her.  We have too much history together and way too much baggage.  She’s been mostly hanging out for years while I pay her board bill. It is surprisingly difficult to give away a horse.  I’ve been trying for years.  With the move it got more urgent but she could have stayed where she was if necessary. 

This happened quickly.  I had asked my massage therapist about her before.  Yesterday something told me to ask again.  She was excited.  Her horses are either very old or very young right now.  She doesn’t have a horse that can be ridden consistently.  She came out to meet her today.  She seemed to “get” Prize right away.  She works with the natural horsemanship methods that Prize prefers.  Prize is going to go to her new house on Monday.

People seem worried about how I’ll react to being horseless.  In a way I’ve been horseless for years.  After Spirit died, Prize was boarded and I didn’t see her much anymore.  For now at least I’ll play with the horses I judge at trail rides and wait and see if I ever want to get back into it in the future.

Now for the bad news.  We aren’t closing on the house tomorrow so we aren’t moving next week.  There is a reason why but for the life of me I can’t understand it even though it was explained to me by the SO twice.  Maybe I do understand it but it is so completely stupid that my brain is rejecting it.  We paid for an inspection that we shouldn’t have paid for.  So, to somehow compensate for that even though we don’t care at all, there needs to be new paperwork and a scheme that sounds a lot like money laundering to my simple brain or else the loan company won’t approve.  

It is a total pain in the butt.

06 Dec, 2011

Dream State

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I had a dream last night that I came downstairs and the realtor was their showing the house.  She asked me to show the people the glass doors.  When I walked over to them I noticed that the house had been redecorated. 

(The realtor lives next door and her house is stuffed to the gills with antiques and stuff.  She is threatening to ‘stage’ our house with her stuff after we leave because we are being so stubborn and refusing to leave without our furniture.)

On one wall there were six Christmas quilts in totally contrasting styles and colors.  As a looked around I saw that everything had been covered in Christmas lights and decorations.  It was like every decoration ever made had been put in the house.  I was horrified.  I tried to tell the people looking at the house that it wasn’t normally like this.  One old guy kissed me on the top of the head and told me it would be ok.

I think with everything that has been going on my sense of time which wasn’t that great to begin with is getting all warped. Did you know that Christmas is soon?  I found that out this morning.  That means that January when I start part time at my new job is soon.  We need to finalize our house purchase, close on it, and move while taking Christmas into account.  I knew this intellectually but now instead of talking in theoretically dates like “Dec 12” we are talking about “next week.”  Wow.

We were supposed to close on Dec 9 and start moving Dec 12 – now known as this Friday and next Monday.  The closing is delayed over all the minutia that tends to hold up these things.  If it is pushed back a week then we get into moving the week before Christmas.  We’re in a hurry because the SO started his new job yesterday and is commuting four hours a day.  We thought that would be for one week only and that’s bad enough but going for much longer will totally suck.

I had to give my boss a reality check today.  He has not looked for a replacement for me because he is telling anyone that asks that my leaving is just a nasty rumor that will turn out not to be true, even though I told him myself.  Today I emailed him and told him that I start part time at my new job in January (four weeks).  I could feel the panic in his return email. 

11 Nov, 2011

What to do when I get there

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I’ve spent part of the afternoon googling things in my new neighborhood.  Now I’m getting excited.  Here’s what I found so far.

1.  First things first, the dog park is 2 miles away.

2.  The library is less than 2 miles in the other direction.

3.  The big mansion in our neighborhood has memberships so you can visit the garden and house whenever you want.  They also have a dog membership option that is a free add on and then on summer Sundays Freckles can go for walks in the park.

4.  There is a metro park in the neighborhood.  They list several trails including a 6 mile jogging trail, a 3.3 mile wooded trail, and a 1.5 mile hilly trail.

5.  When I was looking at maps I kept seeing railroad tracks.  I lived in an apartment by a railroad once.  It wasn’t fun when they went by early in the morning.  Then I found out that this is a scenic railroad.  It goes from a national park in the north down to a station 4 miles from our house.  It runs back and forth four times a day in the summer and on weekends year round. 

6.  The National Park in the area has lots of trails too.  I know they used to run competitive trail rides up there years ago so there has to be miles and miles.

I realize that this is a bunch of outdoor activity for such a snowy area.  I’m going to have to start looking for inside stuff to do too.

10 Nov, 2011

My Special Clients

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I have one client who I am friends with on Facebook.  She was close with one receptionist so she used to just hang out in the office a lot.  Since that receptionist left and all of the client’s ancient dogs died, I don’t see her as often.  She called the office today to see what is going on with me since she had been reading about my move on Facebook.

She started with the NO.  I ‘m starting to feel like a Very Bad Dog Indeed since most everyone seems to think if they just say NO to me often enough that I will behave and stay put.  Then the conversation got funny.  She said that she is sad because she doesn’t see me much anyone and just reads about me on Facebook.  I pointed out that in that case not much would be different for her since she wouldn’t see me in real life but could read about me on Facebook. 

This surprised her.  “You get to stay on Facebook then?”
“So that means that you won’t be moving far away!”

It is a tribute to working here for so long that it didn’t even faze me.  Inside my brain I considered telling her that Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon as is the whole internet.  I talk to me friend in Thailand on there.  On the outside I just said, “I’m just moving to Akron.”  She was happy with that.

My only problem is that I can’t talk about it on Facebook.

10 Nov, 2011

More catching up

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We bought a house. We are soon to be an official two residence family. I’m going to pretend that it means that we are super rich like movie stars who require multiple houses and not that we have one house that we really, really need to sell.

I haven’t seen the new house yet except for pictures online. The SO and Z went up last weekend when I was freezing in CA and looked at it. Z was horrified that he was buying it without my seeing it. This seems to be the feeling of most of the females of the species. But, as he told her, we have house hunted together and he knows what I want and we are in a crazy hurry. He starts his new job in less than a month. He would prefer not to be pitching a tent somewhere.

Why this house is better than the last one we picked out:

1. Yard – It has one. A lot of houses we looked at didn’t. It is a bit bigger than the yard we have now. It is not fully fenced but we can do that later. Freckles will have a place to play. It also backs up to some woods – now known as Riley’s Hunting Grounds.

2. Location – We will be the riff raff of the neighborhood. There is a big mansion and gardens that was donated to the city really close to us. You turn onto our street and there is one house and then our house. As you go down the road (not very far) there is a house for sale for $600,000 and then one for $1.2 million. Just to clarify, this is Ohio. My goal was to get a house for under $100,000. That was not an entirely unreasonable goal. We ended up paying a bit more than that but not oodles. For comparison my 16 acre farm with a new house and gigantic barn and arena cost $285,000. So houses for sale for that much must be very, very, very nice or the people are totally delusional. I watch those house buying shows on HGTV and see people buying shacks in California for $400,000 and start to hyperventilate. I have no idea how they afford that.

3. There are four bedrooms and a finished basement. The SO has already designated the carpeted half of the basement as the sewing room. What a sweetie. The uncarpeted half is for laundry and the gym. All we need is a tanning bed and we’d be ready for the Jersey Shore. This means that we have a free bedroom. Here we have four bedrooms that are our room, Z’s room, a guest room, and the sewing/cat room. His idea is to have the new house be our room, Z’s room, guest room, and a dressing room since the bathrooms are small. We could put in a vanity and mirrors and shelves and stuff. I love him. Here we have tiny bathrooms with no closets or storage except a cabinet under the sink. The towels are stacked in Z’s room. Hair dryers and flat irons are thrown under the sink. My jewelry and anything not absolutely necessary every day is in the guest room. It would be nice to consolidate. He also wants the extra closets for his clothes. He has lots of clothes since his job requires that he be presentable and mine requires clothes that I don’t mind getting blood on.

4. Kitchen – It is brand new. It has counters. I remember counters….

I think we will go up this weekend so I can see it and get a plan for what we need to have that we don’t have now and where stuff will go.

30 Oct, 2011

House Hunting

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We saw a lot of houses today. We put an offer on one. It doesn’t have everything we want but it was the most functional of the ones we saw and it is in a good neighborhood. We put in a low offer since there is a lot of cosmetic work to do so we may not get it. The owners were not afraid of color, let’s put it that way.

The living room

Living room

Half of the kitchen


The very small backyard


The very red basement!

Red basement

The pink and purple master bedroom

Pink master

The blue and green bedroom


The WTF? bedroom

Pretty colors

The blue bathroom

Blue bathroom

This is all cosmetic and we are champion carpet puller-uppers! It may scare off other people who aren’t so used to renovations. This was the only house we saw with multiple full baths. It had the best kitchen even though I’ve already put my foot down and said that I won’t move in until a dishwasher is installed. It had the only attached garage that we saw. It has all new windows. We could make this house work.

28 Oct, 2011

I’m not frugal, I’m just cheap

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I watched the SO write an email to a realtor last night.  He listed all the addresses of houses we’d like to look at this weekend.  Then, for me, he added “and any foreclosures in the area that are similar to these.”  I gave him a hug.  It is so easy to make me happy. 

Then he started talking about he figured it was his responsibility to keep me out of the ‘hood.  I can see that.  I’d be having conversations with the realtor like, “A four bedroom 3 bath colonial for $60,000?  What’s wrong with it? Next door to a crack house, you say? Well, I support small business….. $60,000 sounds wonderful.”

The thing is I’ve been house poor before.  The farm had a huge mortgage.  Then I moved in with the SO who has a mortgage that sounds more like rent payment.  I don’t want to go back to big payments especially in a buyer’s market like this.

And I’m cheap.  🙂  

27 Oct, 2011

House hunting

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I found my dream home yesterday. I actually looks just like this house and it is super duper scarily cheap. (Cheap is important to me. I really want to buy a foreclosure.) Obviously there has to be a major issue with it. On the pictures it shows that it is bordered on one side by parking lots. That could be good or bad. Doctor’s offices – ok. Biker bar – bad.

So we went on the website’s street view map and started virtually driving down the street. We could see across the next intersection was a Walgreen’s. Actually, I could see that. I have horrible distance vision without my glasses and it amazes me how little of the shape of a logo I need to be able to see to recognize a store. We “drove” down the street and saw that next to the Walgreen’s was an old-time 1 screen movie theater that was still in operation when this picture was taken. That was a few years ago based on the movie playing. Then we turned around to see what bordered the house. I think I started to quiver. There was a small shopping center with two stores. One was a Chipotle. I love Chipotle. I forget what the other one was because I was focused on the next building over. We couldn’t see a sign but I knew what that architecture had to mean. The SO muttered, “I’d never see you again.” I grabbed my phone to do a quick address search to confirm. A library! Chipotle and a library!

Turns out that we’d need the Chipotle. The house doesn’t have a kitchen. It has a room that could be a kitchen. Currently there is a 1940’s refrigerator and a farm sink in it. How do people live without a kitchen? There was a house a block from us that sold last year that didn’t have a kitchen. I couldn’t quite grasp the concept but now I’ve seen pictures of how it could happen. It really isn’t fair to tease me with that location and then have the house not hold up its end of the deal.

26 Oct, 2011

Rocking My World

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Are you ready for an adventure? Over the course of this blog I’ve built a house then I moved in with the SO to a house in constant renovation. Those both made for good photo ops. Now this house is 99% finished just the way we want it and just because I hate to bore you….

We’re Moving!

We found out two days ago. It doesn’t come as a complete and total shock because the SO has been applying for jobs all over the country and once in Italy. (I explained that our pets don’t even like car rides so how are they moving to Italy and he said that was ok because we were only allowed to take two anyway. There was glaring after that.)

I just knew that he was going to get this job though. How did I know this? Because I don’t want to move there and I don’t think he should work for this agency. Obviously, this job was a shoo-in!

Why I don’t want to move there:

1. Snow – It is 1.5 hours north east of here. It is therefore closer to Lake Erie. I grew up near Lake Erie. If you live anywhere else let me explain the joys of “Lake Effect Snow.” The Great Lakes have their own weather. Wet air comes off the lake and over the coastline. Then it starts hitting higher elevations a few miles inland. Then it dumps the snow. The area in PA where this happens is centered over my parents’ house. I’ve spent the last 20 years at least part of the time south of the Lakes. When my parents say that they have three feet of snow, I respond with “That’s why I don’t live there.” I enjoy this. I am now moving north. Granted, it isn’t quite up to the snowbelt of that area but there is more snow than here.

2. The SO will now be working for an agency that I’ve spent the last four year listening to him swear about and daydream about violence about. He also just sued them in federal court. Yay, let’s get a job there. He points out that the people he swears at are in another office building altogether and he will probably never see them.

Over the last 48 hours I’ve pretty much stopped swearing. I think that’s mature of me. Because it is fairly close I will stay here until either a) I get a job or b) the house sells. With my luck lately, the house will probably sell in a week and then I’ll be totally unemployed. Of course there are no jobs listed anywhere near there. I’m thinking of trying to make my own job. More about that later.

The SO’s major hobby for the past several months has been cruising real estate websites for every town he’s applied for a job in. He wanted me to look too but I told him I’d talk about it with him when he got a job. Today I happened to be driving up to this area anyway to start my acupuncture internship (which was awesome by the way) so he had me drive through some neighborhoods.

This is pretty much why I stopped swearing. There was a beautiful area with parks every few blocks.

***I just stopped writing to look up if there were any dog parks in this city. There is a big one. Less than a mile from where we are looking. I almost started crying.****

30 Jun, 2009

I said never again!

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Here’s a quiz to see how well long time readers have been paying attention. What activity do I hate more than anything else in the universe?

Moving. If you doubt this I suggest you check the archives for August – October 2008 to remind yourself of the level of whining I can work up to when I’m facing a move. Hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it!

Now imagine an equilateral triangle. We live at the top point of the triangle. The SO works at the bottom left corner and I work at the bottom right corner of the triangle. It is a large triangle. An hour drive on each side in fact. It would make logical sense to push down the top point of the triangle so it was closer to the bottom two corners. So, we decided that we should move. Let the cussing begin anew!

We are just at the looking around stage. I got excited about an updated house. The one we live in was built in 1890 which means it was retrofitted for newfangled stuff like plumbing and electric. As a person who once picked a house design to build based solely on the fact that it had a soaking tub, I had some reservations about moving in here. It has character – and no counter space and no closets etc. The SO had always wanted to redo an old house and was telling everyone that he had it out of his system now. So what was his mantra while looking at ads? “That house is too new.” Turns out to our shock and amazement that he might not have it out of his system.

We found our perfect house in the town I work in. It is in our price range which must mean that it is leaning 45 degrees to the left or something else horrible like that. It is in the historic district of that town on a corner lot. That’s just like where we live here. It is almost the same style as this house but seriously updated. Amenity #1 listed? Soaking tub. It also has had the attic (which we can’t even access here) renovated to a “recreation room.” I already yelled DIBS on that for a sewing room before he realized what he was looking at. We have a request in to see it to see what is wrong with it that the pictures don’t show. I’m hoping it is just that most people have the sense not to want to live in a house built in 1900 (Yay! A whole decade newer!)

As much as I hate moving, I love looking at houses. I’m the person that real estate agents hate. I’d be happy taking one night a week to check out cool houses that I have no intention of buying. (I don’t because I’m not that mean.) So house shopping makes me happy. House buying freaks me out. Moving makes me cuss. But the SO apparently feels that hiring movers in a necessity. I’ve always moved myself. This may change my attitude entirely!


Guess what else I’ve said “never” about lately? Getting another dog. I like dogs. But for ease of operation there is nothing like having pet cats. I’ve said for years that after Snowball dies I don’t want another dog. It has been two days. I’m waffling already. I love to see puppies at work but if I was going to get another dog I would want an adult. Yep.

I told the SO that we needed a firm dog plan. In my line of work dogs appear needing homes on a regular basis. Leave a dog sized hole in your house and they will be rushing to fill it. The ability to say no because _______ (fill in predetermined set-in-stone reason) saves trouble. Besides the SO and I while agreeing on a few fantasy dog characteristics had definite differences of opinion that needed worked out.

Bigger dog that would go on walk/hikes with us. Even when Snowball wasn’t elderly and less inclined to walk, she had very short legs. You didn’t cover much distance with her.
Preferably less hair. Nothing like a white Pomeranian to put you off long haired dogs for a while.

My goals:
Gentle. I work with too many mean dogs to want to deal with that at home especially with kids running around.
Couch potato tendencies/I’m not a terrier person – I don’t want super high energy.
Love Golden Retrievers but there is the hair issue.
Always wanted a Greyhound but the requirement to never be off lead and short life span/horrible diseases they seem to get make me worry.
I’ve always been a ‘big dog’ person but it was nice being able to pick up a Pomeranian and go in a crowded car without worrying where the dog would sit.

The SO:
Wants a protective dog
Loves German Shepherds and Giant Schnauzers (some of the meanest breeds I see at work)

So I was satisfied that we weren’t going to figure out a compromise to that anytime soon. Then last night he looks at me and says, “Standard Poodle.”
I responded in the way that I always do when suddenly faced with profound truth. “Shit.”

Standard Poodles:
Big enough to walk but smaller than other breeds we were looking at.
Low shedding. Needs groomed but I just take it to work one day and he gets groomed for free as long as I keep the lavish grooming team Christmas presents coming and examine their dogs whenever needed.
Not super high energy.
Smart and gentle but some can be protective if his people are threatened.
Fairly healthy breed

But I hardly see any at work. That must mean that there aren’t many around here, right? Too bad. I googled them. Then I fell in love with a picture of a brown and white male puppy. He’ll be ready to go in July. Double shit. I’ve slept on it. I still want the puppy. I’m starting to justify it to myself. Riley is afraid of big dogs so starting with a puppy would help that transition. Riley is beating up Powder more since he no longer divides his attention between her and the dog so a puppy would help Powder out short term while eventually getting big enough to put Riley in his place. House breaking wouldn’t be bad since he could go to work with me where one of the techs has a new puppy to be his friend.

I’m hoping the SO comes home tonight and very firmly reminds me that we are planning on waiting to get a dog. If he waffles it will be all over.