Getting Settled

I got home from Florida at 9 PM Saturday night.  I’d been fielding phone calls for a week from the SO that ranged from pathetic whines about how much there was to unpack to nasty calls about how I abandoned […]

Phase One

Operation Cat Move is complete.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  They settled down and didn’t scream the whole way.  That was fine until I had to hit my brakes and Riley’s carrier slid.  Then he […]


I hate how much paperwork is involved in going on a trip.  I spent this morning printing out flight itineraries, car reservation confirmations, hotel confirmations, conference confirmations, the address and directions to overflow parking at the conference since I’m not […]


We finally have another house! Actually, the SO has another house. I am still a mooching squatter. At the time he applied for the loan I didn’t have a job in the area we were moving to and I wasn’t […]


Happy Solstice!  I’m so glad the days are starting to get longer again.  I’ve had a good news bad news kind of day. The good news is that I finally found a home for Prize.  I’ve been wanting to find […]

Dream State

I had a dream last night that I came downstairs and the realtor was their showing the house.  She asked me to show the people the glass doors.  When I walked over to them I noticed that the house had […]

What to do when I get there

I’ve spent part of the afternoon googling things in my new neighborhood.  Now I’m getting excited.  Here’s what I found so far. 1.  First things first, the dog park is 2 miles away. 2.  The library is less than 2 […]

My Special Clients

I have one client who I am friends with on Facebook.  She was close with one receptionist so she used to just hang out in the office a lot.  Since that receptionist left and all of the client’s ancient dogs […]

More catching up

We bought a house. We are soon to be an official two residence family. I’m going to pretend that it means that we are super rich like movie stars who require multiple houses and not that we have one house […]

House Hunting

We saw a lot of houses today. We put an offer on one. It doesn’t have everything we want but it was the most functional of the ones we saw and it is in a good neighborhood. We put in […]

House hunting

I found my dream home yesterday. I actually looks just like this house and it is super duper scarily cheap. (Cheap is important to me. I really want to buy a foreclosure.) Obviously there has to be a major issue […]

Rocking My World

Are you ready for an adventure? Over the course of this blog I’ve built a house then I moved in with the SO to a house in constant renovation. Those both made for good photo ops. Now this house is […]

I said never again!

Here’s a quiz to see how well long time readers have been paying attention. What activity do I hate more than anything else in the universe? Moving. If you doubt this I suggest you check the archives for August – […]