I hate how much paperwork is involved in going on a trip.  I spent this morning printing out flight itineraries, car reservation confirmations, hotel confirmations, conference confirmations, the address and directions to overflow parking at the conference since I’m not staying at a host hotel, and my e-tickets for my extracurricular activities.  I have a whole folder of papers just to be able to leave and I still don’t know how to get to the airport since it is a new one for me.

I also had to do the paperwork for my vet school reunion and all my taxes before that all gets lost in the move.  Now I just have to make sure I don’t lose the folder.  It is going to have to go in my car for safe keeping. 

Also going into my car for safe keeping are all the unmentionables we have since now my parents are involved in the unpacking.  It isn’t just naughty stuff.  My mother was highly disapproving over a hippie pagan cookbook I was given as a gift so my books with Witchcraft in the title are heading for the car to be retrieved when I return. 

First I have to clean out the car so all the forbidden stuff will fit!