I got out a suitcase to start packing for my trip yesterday.  Riley looked annoyed.  They don’t like it when suitcases come out.  It means I’m going somewhere and that upsets their apple carts.  They have no idea how upset they are about to be.

Tomorrow morning I am taking them both to the new house before work.  This is so Riley doesn’t escape and so Powder doesn’t have a nervous breakdown.  She’s a bit neurotic. 

Our bathroom is small and narrow.  It is just an inch wider than our bathmat.  (This will be known in the future as “Remember when we had a big bathroom?” because the new bathrooms are TINY but I digress.)  When Powder comes in the bathroom she contorts herself around the door so she can step on tile and not step on the mat.  She slinks around the mat over to the toilet to see me because obviously I’m in there just wishing I had a cat to pet.  When she leaves she can step on the mat and walk directly to the door.  But, if she needs to come back to me she has to jump off the mat and walk on tile again.  She’s special.

She was also abandoned as a kitten when her owners moved and left her and her littermates.  She freaked out when we moved furniture out before.  So to spare her delicate sensibilities they are going tomorrow.

I’ll let them run around the whole house tomorrow.  I’ll go back Friday on the way to the airport and lock them in the bedroom.  On Saturday they need to get locked into the hall bathroom until everything is unpacked.  This will royally piss them off but they are just going to have to deal!