I have one client who I am friends with on Facebook.  She was close with one receptionist so she used to just hang out in the office a lot.  Since that receptionist left and all of the client’s ancient dogs died, I don’t see her as often.  She called the office today to see what is going on with me since she had been reading about my move on Facebook.

She started with the NO.  I ‘m starting to feel like a Very Bad Dog Indeed since most everyone seems to think if they just say NO to me often enough that I will behave and stay put.  Then the conversation got funny.  She said that she is sad because she doesn’t see me much anyone and just reads about me on Facebook.  I pointed out that in that case not much would be different for her since she wouldn’t see me in real life but could read about me on Facebook. 

This surprised her.  “You get to stay on Facebook then?”
“So that means that you won’t be moving far away!”

It is a tribute to working here for so long that it didn’t even faze me.  Inside my brain I considered telling her that Facebook is a worldwide phenomenon as is the whole internet.  I talk to me friend in Thailand on there.  On the outside I just said, “I’m just moving to Akron.”  She was happy with that.

My only problem is that I can’t talk about it on Facebook.