We bought a house. We are soon to be an official two residence family. I’m going to pretend that it means that we are super rich like movie stars who require multiple houses and not that we have one house that we really, really need to sell.

I haven’t seen the new house yet except for pictures online. The SO and Z went up last weekend when I was freezing in CA and looked at it. Z was horrified that he was buying it without my seeing it. This seems to be the feeling of most of the females of the species. But, as he told her, we have house hunted together and he knows what I want and we are in a crazy hurry. He starts his new job in less than a month. He would prefer not to be pitching a tent somewhere.

Why this house is better than the last one we picked out:

1. Yard – It has one. A lot of houses we looked at didn’t. It is a bit bigger than the yard we have now. It is not fully fenced but we can do that later. Freckles will have a place to play. It also backs up to some woods – now known as Riley’s Hunting Grounds.

2. Location – We will be the riff raff of the neighborhood. There is a big mansion and gardens that was donated to the city really close to us. You turn onto our street and there is one house and then our house. As you go down the road (not very far) there is a house for sale for $600,000 and then one for $1.2 million. Just to clarify, this is Ohio. My goal was to get a house for under $100,000. That was not an entirely unreasonable goal. We ended up paying a bit more than that but not oodles. For comparison my 16 acre farm with a new house and gigantic barn and arena cost $285,000. So houses for sale for that much must be very, very, very nice or the people are totally delusional. I watch those house buying shows on HGTV and see people buying shacks in California for $400,000 and start to hyperventilate. I have no idea how they afford that.

3. There are four bedrooms and a finished basement. The SO has already designated the carpeted half of the basement as the sewing room. What a sweetie. The uncarpeted half is for laundry and the gym. All we need is a tanning bed and we’d be ready for the Jersey Shore. This means that we have a free bedroom. Here we have four bedrooms that are our room, Z’s room, a guest room, and the sewing/cat room. His idea is to have the new house be our room, Z’s room, guest room, and a dressing room since the bathrooms are small. We could put in a vanity and mirrors and shelves and stuff. I love him. Here we have tiny bathrooms with no closets or storage except a cabinet under the sink. The towels are stacked in Z’s room. Hair dryers and flat irons are thrown under the sink. My jewelry and anything not absolutely necessary every day is in the guest room. It would be nice to consolidate. He also wants the extra closets for his clothes. He has lots of clothes since his job requires that he be presentable and mine requires clothes that I don’t mind getting blood on.

4. Kitchen – It is brand new. It has counters. I remember counters….

I think we will go up this weekend so I can see it and get a plan for what we need to have that we don’t have now and where stuff will go.