I’ve spent part of the afternoon googling things in my new neighborhood.  Now I’m getting excited.  Here’s what I found so far.

1.  First things first, the dog park is 2 miles away.

2.  The library is less than 2 miles in the other direction.

3.  The big mansion in our neighborhood has memberships so you can visit the garden and house whenever you want.  They also have a dog membership option that is a free add on and then on summer Sundays Freckles can go for walks in the park.

4.  There is a metro park in the neighborhood.  They list several trails including a 6 mile jogging trail, a 3.3 mile wooded trail, and a 1.5 mile hilly trail.

5.  When I was looking at maps I kept seeing railroad tracks.  I lived in an apartment by a railroad once.  It wasn’t fun when they went by early in the morning.  Then I found out that this is a scenic railroad.  It goes from a national park in the north down to a station 4 miles from our house.  It runs back and forth four times a day in the summer and on weekends year round. 

6.  The National Park in the area has lots of trails too.  I know they used to run competitive trail rides up there years ago so there has to be miles and miles.

I realize that this is a bunch of outdoor activity for such a snowy area.  I’m going to have to start looking for inside stuff to do too.