I had a dream last night that I came downstairs and the realtor was their showing the house.  She asked me to show the people the glass doors.  When I walked over to them I noticed that the house had been redecorated. 

(The realtor lives next door and her house is stuffed to the gills with antiques and stuff.  She is threatening to ‘stage’ our house with her stuff after we leave because we are being so stubborn and refusing to leave without our furniture.)

On one wall there were six Christmas quilts in totally contrasting styles and colors.  As a looked around I saw that everything had been covered in Christmas lights and decorations.  It was like every decoration ever made had been put in the house.  I was horrified.  I tried to tell the people looking at the house that it wasn’t normally like this.  One old guy kissed me on the top of the head and told me it would be ok.

I think with everything that has been going on my sense of time which wasn’t that great to begin with is getting all warped. Did you know that Christmas is soon?  I found that out this morning.  That means that January when I start part time at my new job is soon.  We need to finalize our house purchase, close on it, and move while taking Christmas into account.  I knew this intellectually but now instead of talking in theoretically dates like “Dec 12” we are talking about “next week.”  Wow.

We were supposed to close on Dec 9 and start moving Dec 12 – now known as this Friday and next Monday.  The closing is delayed over all the minutia that tends to hold up these things.  If it is pushed back a week then we get into moving the week before Christmas.  We’re in a hurry because the SO started his new job yesterday and is commuting four hours a day.  We thought that would be for one week only and that’s bad enough but going for much longer will totally suck.

I had to give my boss a reality check today.  He has not looked for a replacement for me because he is telling anyone that asks that my leaving is just a nasty rumor that will turn out not to be true, even though I told him myself.  Today I emailed him and told him that I start part time at my new job in January (four weeks).  I could feel the panic in his return email.