I am still sort of following the plan that I found for learning to run a 10 K.  I haven’t been overtaken by a huge urge to run that far yet but I like having a plan.  I say I’m sort of following it because it would like me to run every other day.  I haven’t been able to manage that because some days I leave for work when it is dark and I get home in the dark and other days when I see daylight it is through sheets of rain.  I’m just not that dedicated. 

But I did the two days of running 1.5 miles.  I timed myself on the first day.  My pace is still slow.  In fact it is just slightly faster than a pace that was referred to as “glacial” in a recent Runner’s World article.  I sort of resent that.  I think I could outrun a glacier – if I had a head start and I didn’t have to go very far!

Anyway, the third step was run 2 miles.  That seemed a bit insane to me.  I was barely managing 1.5.  I thought that maybe I should do another week of 1.5 and work on getting a bit faster.  But when I set out I decided to see if I could do two miles.  It was cold that day so I also decided to run a bit faster so I didn’t freeze off any bits.  The first mile seemed to go by pretty fast.  I didn’t really have any trouble with the second mile either.  Maybe this program knows what it is talking about after all. 

I used a very scientific timing method of adding up the run times of the songs I heard on each mile.  I still am glacial but it looks like I kept the same pace for both miles instead of slowing a lot in the second mile!

Yesterday I was talking to a client who mentioned that she runs six miles in the morning.  I would never have imagined that.  She has always seemed frail to me like a stiff wind would knock her over.  If she can run six miles…. damn my competitiveness!